Dymonte Thomas   Founder, Board President 

I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in General Studies while also being a contributing member to the University's football team. After college, I signed with the Denver Broncos as a rookie free agent, and still currently play as one of the teams' safeties. While pursuing my dream to become an NFL player, I have always looked for ways contribute to society in a positive manner. Establishing this foundation will enable my team and I to make larger scale impacts for youth across the US, Being able to help those who need it most and seeing the smiles and joys it brings to them is what truly drives my passion for everyday life. 

Alex Williamson   Executive Director

I am excited to be a part of this organization and the future impacts we intend to make! I graduated from the University of Mount Union with a Bachelor's Degree in Middle Childhood Education. I have coached football and basketball for 5 years from grades 4 - 12. I am also currently employed with the Boys & Girls Club Massillon. Besides my parents, throughout my childhood I have always had others who had gone out of their way to mentor and lend a helping hand to me in any time of need. Because of those moments in my childhood, I had been inspired early on to be able to give back and help generate aspiration & determination in this world. With the education, field experience, I have had, I dedicate myself to working to my fullest potential in order to continue to achieve our mission.

Mackenzie Pallante   Assistant Director, Event Coordinator 

I am a native of Youngstown, Ohio and a recent University of Michigan graduate. During my time at Michigan I spent 5 years working with the football team in Recruiting and Operations. While in this role I had the opportunity to work with the student-athletes on various outreach projects, youth camps, and community engagement activities. It was here that it became very clear to me that these guys are about so much "more than football". It is my passion to work with athletes and ensure that they have equal success both on and off the field. I feel that giving back is one of the best ways to attain fulfillment and be not just a successful athlete but also a respectable man. Of course, when asked by Dymonte to join his cause I instantly joined the team, knowing that with his heart and desire to help others, the hard work of our team, and the support of the Northeast Ohio, Michigan Football, and Denver Bronco's communities we could really make a difference in the lives of others.

Rocco Buccasso   Accounting and Finance 

I grew up in a small town in Stark county, Ohio. Sports were always a huge passion in my life and still are today. I enjoy playing, and watching athletes of all ages compete and grow as individuals. Growing up, my exposure to community involvement and service took place through my sports teams and organizations. As a kid I always went to camps, fundraisers, and promotions. Then as I matured I was the one volunteering my time for the youth in the community. I attended school at the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio where I graduated with an Accounting degree and a minor in Sport Business. I have experience in assurance, tax, and wealth advisory lines of work across a wide range of diverse clientele and industries. I always enjoy seeing others chase their dreams and by providing for our local communities and families, we are helping those dreams become a reality.

Jacqueline Huss   Marketing Intern, Social Media Coordinator 

I'm Jackie Huss and I am currently a Junior at The Ohio State University. I am majoring in Business Marketing and minoring in Media and Society Communications. I love being involved in many organizations on and off campus and love helping others. I believe social media has so many influences in our society and feel that by working with the Dymonte Thomas Community Foundation, we can help raise more social awareness to our surroundings and individuals that can lead to impactful changes in no measure of size.

Kristy Bowers   Executive Board Vice President

I have raised 5 sons in the Alliance community. I also work in this same community at Trilogy Plastics, which I have been at for eleven years. Being born and raised in this same community I have seen the ups and downs for the children in the community. I also worked daycare and head start for a total of twelve years prior to starting at Trilogy. I have seen many kids that wanted to do so many things but could not due to the lack of income in to the family which only hurt the kid. They did not have the opportunities that could have got them to higher levels in their lives. It was hard to this and not be able to do for them. Through those years Dymonte had seen this as well right along with me. He has always said, even as a ten year old child, that he would become somebody and come back home to help kids get the things they need to become successful. I am so proud of him and to be a part of this Organization and the changes it will bring.

Tanner Mathews   Executive Board Secretary

I am very grateful and excited for the opportunity to be working with The Dymonte Thomas Community Foundation Inc. "More Than Football." My academic and athletic backgrounds have allowed me to grow as a leader, a team-member, and a person to serve communities in any particular way they need. I fully intend to use my skills to help progress this organization to achieve its goals in serving those that need it. I pledge to do whatever is in my power to help this organization grow and accomplish above and beyond their objectives.