Bigger Than A Bully Poster Competition Challenge


The proceeds from the Bigger Than A Bully T-shirt Campaign & the March Madness Tournament Challenge, we at Dymonte Thomas Community invited Alliance & Marlington Local schools to participate in our Bigger Than A Bully Poster Competition Challenge. Students at the schools were to individually design their own bully prevention poster. Then a selected group of the schools' staff were to judge the posters selecting winners from each grade level. The winning student received a free Bigger Than A Bully T-shirt, as well as a pizza party awarded to the winning students' homeroom classes. The schools that participated in this challenge were, Rockhill Elementary, & Parkway Elementary of the Alliance City Schools, as well Marlboro Elementary, Washington elementary, Lexington elementary, Marborol Elementary & Marlington Middle School also accepted the invitation to partake! We are excited to continue and build upon this campaign in the future with hopes to prevent eliminate bullying in our community for good. 

-Dymonte Thomas Community Foundation